ZERO Pick-Up Necessary!

Livestock-Ready Land at Day One

90% Control in Days or Weeks

Repeat Use Kills PERMANENTLY!

"Why Use a KYC Cactus Killer?"

Permanent prickly pear cactus removal does NOT get any easier than the Kill Your Cactus System. All you have to do is use our machine every 3-6 months until the cactus doesn't come back anymore.

Enjoy usable land IMMEDIATELY while waiting for the permanent death of your prickly pear cactus! Plus, paying only ONCE to enjoy a cactus free pasture for a lifetime is a very difficult deal to top!

A Scientific Breakthrough!

Permanent Cactus Killing, backed by over 10 year of extensive hard-knocks field-testing and rock-solid aerospace engineering work!

Custom Built For Your Needs!

Every machine we build is Custom-Tailored based on personalized feedback that you provide us. It take minutes to customize everything about your machine!

Saves You A Small Fortune!

A Clearly foreseeable end to cactus spray expenses... use it in place of repeat herbicide treatments over a lifetime and save a small fortune while you're at it!

“See Our Latest Cactus Killer Machines in Action!”

“Check Out Our Latest Cactus Killer Machines!”

.38 Ton Original Cactus Killer Copy

Cactus machine original

KYC Original Machine

(Can handle up to 100 acres of land.)
An expertly crafted, entry-level machine that boasts all the cactus killing performance of its big brothers, with decent helpings of labor-saving options to boot!

  • Base Chassis
  • One-Year Limited Parts & Labor
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0.6 Ton Fully-Loaded Cactus Killer

HYD Toolbox Cactus Killing Machine

KYC Fully-Loaded Hydraulic (Prices do NOT include shipping.)

(Tough enough to handle 1000+ acres of land.)
Fully-Loaded Hydraulic is a professional-grade machine, configured to shred cactus at any scale and unleash a swift killing blow that frees your land of this thorny menace forever.

  • Base Chassis
  • Reinforced Heavy Snout
  • Vehicle-Grade Universal -Hitch
  • One Year Limited Parts & Labor
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0.5 Ton Standard Cactus Killer


KYC Standard Hydraulic (Prices do NOT include shipping.)

(Tough enough to handle 1000+ acres of land.)
Standard Hydraulic is a compact machine that embodies the very BEST of both worlds in a slim profile. An easy-to-upgrade form factor that emanates raw cactus killing power from every angle.

  • Base Chassis
  • Reinforced Heavy Snout
  • One-Year Limited Parts & Labor
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