Question: “I want to know more about your company and after-sales care program before I do business with you. What can you tell me?”


Our Answer: Kill Your Cactus Now (KYC) is a family-owned operation that offers a flexible range of prickly pear cactus removal machines. Our company is dedicated to showing you how to kill prickly pear cactus quickly, permanently, and cost effectively, using a new (and long overdue) machine option.


Our production facilities are easily located on a small cattle ranch on the outskirts of McGregor Texas, and as of this writing, we proudly boast over 10+ years of dedicated service to our cactus removal clients! We always treat the people who trusted in us the way we would want ourselves to be treated. Period. End of story.

welding and building the cactus killer

We are a family-owned, ranch-based operation… located on the outskirts of McGregor, Texas. We proudly boast 10+ years of dedicated service to clients, helping them get rid of prickly pear cactus.

The entire point of using a KYC Cactus Killer is to COMPLETELY replace the traditional herbicide arrangement, and to permanently rid your land of prickly pear in a just a tiny FRACTION of the time and costs you would normally have paid over time.

We help you to achieve this end by producing cactus removal machines that represent a proven, time-tested design… built to KYC’s extreme standards of safety and durability.


Safety is a central focus in our own machine designs. KYC has been and always will be concerned for your safety. Because of this, we always exhibit a proactive approach in developing cactus-killing machines that either meet or exceed  operational safety standards.

Ours is a proven, time-tested design in the area of prickly pear cactus removal. The Kill Your Cactus System is the product of over 30 years spent researching and testing elimination strategies. The result is a superior method for permanent prickly pear cactus removal, as reliable as God’s Sunrise!


We always aim to meet your highest expectations for service life, productivity and reliability. Therefore, to simplify our serviceability requirements and to maximize their uptime, all our cactus killers rely on a semi-modular construction system and standardized parts that can easily be replaced with ‘off-the-shelf’ components from your local hardware store if necessary.

Support For When You Need It

To our mind, the only thing better than having access to excellent customer service (the way that only a small family-owned operation in rural Texas can provide it), is never needing to call customer service to begin with! And yet we have an excellent after-sales care service program for our clients none the less.

Just call or write to resolve any technical issue!  You always receive help from the same guys who made your machine, and never some outsourced ‘four-dollar-an-hour’ overseas calling center.

The original inventor of the Kill Your Cactus System (Dr. Gary W. Johnson) and his production staffing are always happy to resolve any concerns with your machine. Contact us from anywhere in the world, and we will help you however we can. We work with you directly, ‘one-on-one’, by phone or email, guiding all your specialized repairs and maintenance needs.

For more information on the incredible Kill Your Cactus System, give us a call at 1-(800) 348-1359 or drop us a line here and ask us ANYTHING to learn even more about how to kill prickly pear cactus easily, permanently, and cost-effectively. Also, be sure to make a request for your copy of our FREE information kit, and don’t forget to read everything about our RISK-FREE trial offer on the incredible Kill Your Cactus System.

Still have questions? No problem! There’s a good chance we have your answers right here. Want a more ‘hands-on’ learning experience? Click here to explore everything about our machines in exhaustive detail. See all the parts and learn what they all do!


Talk soon,


James Johnson
Director of Marketing, Kill Your Cactus NOW

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