Week 02: Our In-Progress Time-lapse Video Demonstration Project On Cactus Removal Already Showing Promise

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how to kill prickly pear cactuscactus removalThis is ‘Week 02’ of processing the prickly pear cactus  on Site B for our time-lapse demonstration project. Even at such an early stage, I think you’ll be excited about the results we’ve gotten with a KYC Cactus Killer…

…Especially considering how it can take up to 3-4 years for a first time spray to even LOOK like it did anything to your prickly pear! The Kill Your Cactus System lets you enjoy usable land right away, while you wait for the ‘permanent part’ of the cactus removal process to kick in later.

I have also included older photos from ‘Day 01’ for comparison with the new stills you’re seeing now. Seriously, look how tall that cactus was! That was man-height prickly pear, with strong emphasis on the word ‘was’.

Mind you, it’s only been a week since our first cactus killer attack on Site B, and ALREADY you can see an improvement in the overall property situation:


  • The cactus debris is already drying out nicely & beginning to compost in place!


  • The grass is already starting to green up and fill back in there.


  • The areas with man-height cactus are already walk-able again (with a good set of shoes on).


We’ll attack the area every 3-6 months until it’s completely gone, and we’ll film the composting process in the interim to show you both that, and how we handle the diminishing re-growth. I must point out: the ‘toughest’ part of this whole job was already finished up at ‘Day One’!

The fight is over. You’re already the winner. At this point, you’re just starving out the root system. All the remaining attack sessions are a lazy breeze from here on out.

We’ve reduced the traditionally daunting task of permanent prickly pear cactus removal to a simple driving job. At this rate, you’ll see a grassy green field in no time!

For more information on the incredible Kill Your Cactus System, give us a call at 1-(800) 348-1359 or drop us a line here and ask us ANYTHING to learn even more about how to kill prickly pear cactus easily, permanently, and cost-effectively. Also, be sure to make a request for your copy of our FREE information kit, and don’t forget to read everything about our RISK-FREE trial offer on the incredible Kill Your Cactus System.

Still have questions? No problem! There’s a good chance we have your answers right here. Want a more ‘hands-on’ learning experience? Click here to explore everything about our machines in exhaustive detail. See all the parts and learn what they all do!

Talk soon,

James Johnson
Director of Marketing, Kill Your Cactus NOW

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