Week 03: Another Week Into Our In-Progress Time-lapse Cactus Killer Demonstration Project, And Already THIS Is Happening?! Sign Me Up Boss, Let’s Do  This!

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how to kill prickly pear cactusCactus KillerThis is ‘Week 03’ of our time-lapse cactus removal project. Compared to Day One, you’ll notice the area is markedly greener.

I’ve included stills from Day 01 to show you what it looked like before we hit it. The cactus piles are still shrinking in size, despite the fact the rains have hit the site hard.

We are well past the point of having the merely ‘usable’ land that we promised you at Day 01. By using the Kill Your Cactus System, we’ve effectively gone from man-height cactus to a nice grassy field in just three weeks!

To be clear: the toughest part is now over. We’ve already won the battle! But if we want this change to become PERMANENT, we still have to win the war.

This means you’ll be attacking the area with your Cactus Killer (every 3-6 months) until the cactus stops coming back up. Do this consistently, and a permanent cactus removal is inevitable.

Why do we tell you to do this every 3-6 months? Because if you take away all the pads and stems for long enough, the root networks will eventually starve to death in the ground for lack of photosynthesis.

No more roots, no more pads, no more problems. Yes, it really IS that simple!

So how long does it take to kill off a root system? Naturally, this is dependent on ‘problem severity’.

We’ve seen people accomplish a permanent kill in as little as 9 months, or as long as 36 months. It usually winds up being the latter for most folks.

Mind you it’s work, and it takes time to effect a complete root death. But MAN what a bargain though!

Especially considering how it usually takes 3-4 YEARS for a first-time spraying to even ‘look’ like it did anything to your prickly pear cactus at all.  Plus, it’s very difficult to top paying only ONCE to enjoy a cactus free pasture for a lifetime!

For more information on the incredible Kill Your Cactus System he invented, give us a call at 1-(800) 348-1359 or drop us a line here and ask us ANYTHING to learn even more about how to kill prickly pear cactus permanently, quickly, and cost-effectively. Also, be sure to make a request for your copy of our FREE information kit, and don’t forget to read everything about our RISK-FREE trial offer on the incredible Kill Your Cactus System.

Still have questions? No problem! There’s a good chance we have your answers right here. Want a more ‘hands-on’ learning experience? Click here to explore everything about our machines in exhaustive detail. See all the parts and learn what they all do!

Talk soon,

James Johnson
Director of Marketing, Kill Your Cactus NOW

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